Hi there! I’m Shelby Foldy…

A 27-year-old Nashville (born and raised) artist, interior design photographer and wife to Jared. We met at a coffeeshop, became smitten best friends and somehow every day keeps getting better!


Most days after work you can find me home listening to jazz while cooking dinner and playing ping-pong with my husband (AKA my happy place). 

I’m mostly known for my obsession with mountains, black coffee and quality time with loved ones.

People often refer to me as a minimal watercolor artist, specializing in abstract landscapes. My love for watercolor started with Sumi ink which is a nod to my grandfather, who was obsessed with Japanese art and design.

I love serving the world by helping others feel safe and at peace (hello, #2 on the enneagram) and celebrating all the big and little victories in everyone’s lives! 

The things I’m most passionate about in life are: my relationship with God, nurturing a healthy marriage, positivity and traveling for the sake of gaining new perspectives and soaking up beauty. 

When I’m not busy you can find me home playing in my studio, cleaning my house (no joke, if I was a Friends character I would be Monica) or outside hiking soaking up the goodness of the day. 

Film cred: Jared Foldy

Film cred: Jared Foldy

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